Embrace the Change

11 Dec

It’s apart of human nature for people to go through life changes – from starting school, to finishing school, getting married, having children, to dying. These, and many other changes are things we do. But I think that for people to have personality experience life to the fullest they sometimes have to take chances, act on impulses and make life exciting! Once you do that enough, to start to get theses feelings like you “have to” make a changes in your life.

This is me. Growing up we were constantly moving, starting over, all that jazz. By the time I was 10 we had lived in 5 different cities, and at least 10 different houses. So you can imagine what that does to someone. Until a few months ago, I wished I could have had a “normal” childhood, in one house, with one group of friends, ect. But then I understood that growing up with those changes has made me who I am. And as a result of all these changes I now get the feeling every once in a while that I need a change. Last time I had this feeling I was 15, the result of acting on this feeling led me to live in Costa Rica for 11 months. So worth it, right.

Well, now I’m going through one of these periods of change again. I posted earlier this month that I wanted to cut my long luxurious locks to help full fill this need. And since that post there has been so much change in my life. I watched my first scary movie (3 actually!!), I have been making better friendships with a number of people at school, and I know now how to KNIT! That’s only the beginning! There has been so much I can’t even mention it all. I’m loving it. It’s exactly what I need right now. It makes me fill fulfilled.

I was listening to my ipod, and came across this song by Ben Rector (Ready for Change), and I’ll leave you for now with this: “And so what does it take, to start over again. Step out of comfort my friends, yes, and change for the better”

Oh yah.. I cut my hair 😀


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