Wrong Turn

10 Dec

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know that a few days ago I started watching my very first scary movie. Ever. In 18 years, I’ve never seen one until Monday. I don’t even know what got into me, I just decided to watch it online. The movie  was called ‘Wrong Turn’, basically it’s about people getting lost in a West Virginian forest, being hunted by hideous in-bred cannibals. Super cute right! I know. I was actually scared, it was scary (I guess that’s the point of a ‘scary movie’). These things were U-G-L-Y! But by the time the movie ended I actually kinda liked it. So, I decided to watch the 2nd one: Wrong Turn: Dead End. It was the same basic story line, except the lost people weren’t just random, they were contestants on a show like Survivor. It was really, really, REALLY dumb. I felt like I was just getting more stupid ever minute I watched. But, by the time it was over, I figured why not watch the 3rd, just to get them over with. Again, same basic story line – but with  students on a camping trip, and jail inmates. This one was just plain funny. It was so dirty and gross that I actually laughed so hard. Overall, the first and last were the best, and I watched a scary movie.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I watched it, maybe it’s just apart of my inner need for change, maybe I’m going crazy, or maybe -just maybe, I’m finally growing up 🙂


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