7 Oct

Well now, so people say that Christmas is the fattest day of the year, or perhaps Easter, but I completely think that the fattest day of the year is by far Thanksgiving. I mean, think about it, Thanksgiving has a WHOLE weekend dedicated to it, where Christmas is only 1 day. And sure Easter is a whole weekend too, but one would more associate (and I’m talking solely about food here) it with candy. Small candies at that. Thanksgiving on the other hand, even if you only have 1 big meal, is always BIG. I mean there’s the WHOLE turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, all the veggies, cranberries, perhaps ham, ect. And you haven’t even gotten me started on dessert! It really is the fattest day of the year -Canadian or American Thanksgiving, its still big. Personally I am completely fine with this fat holiday. I am very thankful to my ancestors for this wonderful tradition. It is Trudy Scrumptious! (100 points to anyone who knows what movie I just referenced!)

I suppose you could say my Get-Fat-Be-Merry day starts today. Tonight I will be heading back to Ottawa, only for the night though. Tomorrow morning, bright and early back to my wonder B-dazzle! And after class off to Grandmother’s house I go! (… another 100 points if you can tell me what movie that was from). It will be a lovely weekend full of fatties, train rides, super awesome car rides with the fabulous Mikenze, fat foods, and memorizing lines/lyrics. What a fab weekend I’m about to have!

Enough about me! What are ya’ll planning for Get-Fat-Be-Merry day/weekend?1


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