Hey there, PA!

17 Aug

This past week my grandparents took my sister and I to Pennsylvania. The main idea to take this trip was to go to the Sight & Sound theater. This theater write all there own musicals, all of which are based upon bible stories. Not only did we go to see their AMAZING rendition of Joseph we also took the behind the scenes tour.

We did the tour first, then saw the show – and I must say I was giddy as a little school girl on the tour. It was AMAZING. They write all the scripts, all the music. They make all the costumes, all the sets (some of which are 40 feet tall!). They do all the choreo, everything. They even have live animals! And all of this is done on their property.

The stage, is defiantly the best stage I have ever seen. It’s double the size of Radio City Music Hall stage, but has a lot less seats. Oh yah, the tour guides, all actors in the show.

The show was amazing. It surrounded you, by playing on 3 walls, by walking in between seats, and flying on top of you. It was amazing! I would suggest anyone to go to this theatre! Go do it. It was amazing.

We also visited AMISH COUNTRY!! (thumbs up for Amish). Went on buggy rides, got allergic to the horse’s, got scared by a creepy 3 year old Amish girl. It was great! Haha!

Oh yah, and we went to INTERCOURSE, PA! If you live in Intercourse, thank you so much! This is an amazing, hilarious, little town. Go to Intercourse, on a horse and buggy. It’s great.

Overall, great trip. Great trip.


One Response to “Hey there, PA!”

  1. Tyler Kennedy August 17, 2010 at 12:59 am #

    You have no idea how much I laughed looking at that picture and realizing it was you. lol 🙂

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